About Us

Image of Anne Sandberg, Managing Director of Predice Success

Managing Director, Anne Sandberg.

Anne was introduced to the Harrison Assessment in 1997 when working for Transamerica Life Companies as head of their employee testing unit. With a background in test design and validation and a Masters’ Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she used the system as a client for two years and was so impressed that when she co-established Predict Success in 1999, she made the Harrison Assessment the cornerstone of the new business. Anne was trained and certified by Dr. Harrison himself at the highest level of expert certification and is one of a handful of Master Distributors operating in the U.S. Anne has profiled over 5,000 people herself, installed the system into dozens of businesses globally, and is an expert in system use and interpretation. Anne conducts certification training for Harrison clients, coaches and consultants in the Southern California area.

Meet our Southern California Team


Paula Gaudet (Santa Monica), Harrison Consultant

Paula specializes in using the Harrison Assessment with government agencies, youth, schools and business. She also uses Career Navigator to coach and counsel adults and youth to help them achieve happier work lives. She is certified as a Whole Life Profile consultant, as well.



Jane Franz (Marina Del Rey/Malibu), Harrison Consultant

Jane and Dr. Harrison introduced the Harrison Assessment to the U.S. market in 1997. Jane has extensive experience in sales and installing HATS in business, coaching and counseling using all of Harrison tools. She is certified as a Whole Life Profile consultant, as well.



Connie Rich (Long Beach), Harrison Consultant

Connie has been associated with the Harrison system since 1997 and primarily uses the Career Navigation System with career counseling agencies and non-profits in Southern California. Connie is an experienced speaker, networker and counselor.



Brenda First (Malibu), Harrison Consultant

Brenda weaves the Harrison Assessment and Whole Life Profile into her coaching practice with individuals seeking greater balance and fulfillment in work and personal life.



Megan Ganatta (Los Alamitos), Harrison Consultant

Megan has been certified in use of the Whole Life Profile and specializes in the use of this system with youth helping young people to clarify their life vision and leading more virtuous and balanced lives.



Teddy Tannenbaum (Marina Del Rey), Harrison Consultant

Teddy is an executive coach with a blue-chip client base and has been using the Harrison Assessment as a core element of his practice since 1999. Teddy is an expert coach, trainer and facilitator and is certified as a Whole Life Profile consultant, as well.



Bob Petrello (Escondido), Harrison Consultant

Bob is an executive coach and consultant who has been using the Harrison for over 10 years. Bob has many clients in the entertainment and construction fields and is an expert facilitator, change agent and business coach.


The Rest of Our Team


Laurie Genevish (Atlanta, Georgia), Harrison Consultant

Laurie used the Harrison first as a client and then as a consultant over the past dozen years. With a background in training, e-learning and instructional design, Laurie uses the Harrison extensively with business and the non-profit sector. Laurie hosts a popular radio show about workplace issues.



Galen Wood (Vancouver, Canada and surrounding area), Harrison Consultant

Galen is a Harrison Master Distributor and Consultant and was an early-adopter of the Harrison (1997) systems. He is highly experienced in strategic planning, team-building, and the corporate and non-profit sectors.



Jonathan Reitz (Cleveland, Ohio), Harrison Consultant

Jonathan is a highly experienced executive coach who uses the Harrison in his coaching practice, and in training other coaches. He is certified as a Whole Life Profile consultant, as well.



Colin Noyes (Brisbane, Australia), Harrison Consultant

Colin is a highly experienced executive coach who uses the Harrison in his coaching practice, particularly with church and business leaders of all kinds. Colin is highly experienced using the Career Navigation System and has integrated it into the Australian Apprenticeship Program called Apprenticeship Central.