Predict Success works with Consultants/Coaches and other organizational support professionals who help people maximize their potential.
We can show you how to use the Harrison system in each of the following:

  • Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) – talent management system.

  • Career Navigator – career support system.

  • Whole Life Profile – work/life balance system.

We have been mentoring other consultants successfully for the past 15 years.
We train you, work with you side-by-side, assisting and supporting you at your own pace and according to your schedule and preference. You earn commission income on sales which increases over time with volume and as your skill-level grows. Harrison clients tend to be long-term and the opportunity for re-orders and passive income is substantial.

  • Train and certify you as an accredited Harrison Assessments consultant.

  • Show you how to use the full functionality of the system, including running reports, customizing job templates, debriefing with clients, setting up systems, and learning the more advanced features of the system.

  • Go on sales calls with you to pitch the system with prospects.

  • Include you in the Southern California Harrison team meetings, trainings and events.

  • Share best practices and enhancements that will increase your knowledge.

  • Introduce you to the system author, Dr. Dan Harrison, and leaders in the network and you can attend annual training with Dr. Harrison in the U.S.

  • Show you how to work with your clients to grow your business long-term and earn strong revenue through the Harrison system.

Sample Case-StudyA highly successful management consultant/executive coach learned about Predict Success and the Harrison, took it himself, was impressed, and started using it in his practice as a regular diagnostic. He found that Harrison reports gave him more insight than other assessments. Consequently, he made faster and better progress with the leaders he coached.


He found that he could highlight others’ strengths, increase their self-awareness, and address blind spots in ways he could not imagine previously. He has grown his practice since adopting this system and increased his fees. He is also earning passive income which will likely continue into his planned retirement for years to come.