The Harrison Assessment System

Predict Success has been an Authorized Harrison Assessments Reseller (Master Distributor) in Southern California for the past 15 years. We work with business and other consultants who want to use this powerful tool.

History and Background
Anne Sandberg, Predict Success MD, has been in the assessment business for over 30 years. When looking for an assessment to use in her consulting practice, Anne researched the major tools on the market – Prevue, Birkman, MBTI, Predictive Index, Caliper, StrengthsFinder, DiSC, Hogan, Challey, and others. Anne started her career writing and validating employment tests in the public sector, so she knew the testing field well, and the Harrison Assessment came through as the most impressive of the bunch in terms of underlying theory, application, sound research and design, and user-friendliness.

Predict Success carefully selected the Harrison Assessment as our tool of choice and we have worked with it now very successfully for the last 15 years. Our Harrison clients and consultants have been with us over 10 years, on average. The Harrison is the outstanding online assessment on the market today.


The Power of the Harrison System
The Harrison systems are rather unique in the assessment world. We are impressed by:

  • 175 Traits – this system does not typecast like many personality tests do; there are 175 separate traits measured; individuals are complex and no two profiles are the same.

  • 20 years of research – developed by Dr. Dan Harrison, PhD and extensively researched and documented.

  • Customized – 6,000+ different Job Success Formulas are easily selected or customized to fit the exact specifications of the position and/or company culture.

  • Legally defensible – because each job template is carefully chosen or fully customized when using the Harrison, content validation is established.

  • Quick – the questionnaire takes an average of only 25 minutes to complete online.

  • Hard to fake - questionnaire format uses forced-ranking (ipsative) rather than the more common rating (Likert scale) format. Forced-ranking forces some items to be rated low and guards against faking, or social desirability that occurs more easily with rating scales. Also, all statements are positively phrased.

  • Negative trait combinations – includes traits-to-avoid, or negative combinations that can derail performance, such as defensiveness, bluntness, impulsiveness, etc.

  • Valid and reliable – results are stable over time.

  • Easy to understand – narrative and graphical reports do not require professional interpretation.

  • Continually improving -

  • Cost-effective – reports run from $25 to $150, depending on the job level. Once an employee is in your system and have taken the questionnaire, you never pay for them again in their lifecycle with you. You can run them against multiple jobs for no charge.