Predict Success works directly with individuals to help them gain insight into their unique strengths, passions, and potential through the use of two Harrison Assessment tools, Career Navigator and the Whole Life Profile.
Career Navigator is a 25-minute online questionnaire that measures an individual’s work-related skills and preferences and produces highly-detailed results matching that person against the criteria for 650+ career types, by education level. You are able to see your “suitability” for individual jobs against varied criteria – not just interests, but personality, leadership potential, communication skills, motivators, and more. You are set up with your own portal that can be accessed and visited any time – all for $75. We can set up these sites for educators, tutors, coaches, and other consultants, as well.


The Whole Life Profile (WLP) is another 25-minute online profile that measures your personal values and virtues. Also based on Paradox Theory, this tool produces a detailed report that shows your relative degree of life balance. The cost of the WLP is $250 and includes a private coaching session to walk you through your results. The WLP is often used as a pre-workshop tool that is followed by an intensive 2-day retreat, or workshop presented by our firm principal at various locations in North America.


Sample Case-StudyMelanie was in her late-20s and was stalled in her career. She had a BA from a good university, had worked as a waitress during college and had continued to waitress after graduation as the money was good and she was not sure what to do next. She was ready for a change and took the Harrison Career Navigator. The resulting top career matches for her included both Medical Technician and Paralegal.


She did her research and found that she could enter a Paralegal studies program at UCLA and with her degree, fast-track completion within one year. She applied herself, got an internship while still attending, graduated and secured a great job at the same firm in a full-time position. Melanie loves her job and chosen profession and has been promoted twice within the first two years.


She said that she would never have thought of becoming a Paralegal without the Career Navigator to help guide her.